Cuddles vs Productivity – the eternal struggle

My sweet senior dogs, Smithwick and Pepper, are my constant companions. And by “sweet” I of course mean: bossy, loving, too smart for their own good, cuddly, demanding of attention, and adorable.

Being one’s own boss, and having one’s “office” in the home has a whole lot of benefits… but also a few downsides, doggie company being firmly placed on *BOTH* lists.

“What ever do you MEAN, Kate?!”, you say, “Your dogs are SOOO cute!”, and “I wish I could hang with MY pets all day!”. OK. Fair enough. But have you ever tried to actually accomplish work while your dogs look at you with those “LOVE ME! I’M RIGHT HERE!” guilt-trip eyes? Because it’s not easy, I can tell you that much.

At this time of year I’m running around with my hair on fire (*usually* not literally), trying to MAKE MAKE MAKE SEW SEW SEW DYE DYE DYE COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE as much as I can before my Holiday Markets (Calendar HERE!), and any distraction is – well – a distraction. I really don’t know what the “answer” is, other than the answer I seem to come to with everything in my life: try to balance, do the best you can, and accept when you just can’t seem to stay on that tightrope.

As an illustration of my point – here are the photos from my last, incomplete, photo-shoot for my new Meditation Pillows… I mean, they ARE cute. I may just use them after all – it’s not like I ever claimed to be professional. hah! What do you think?